Travel Buddy Program – Canada

Canada Travel Buddies Wanted

Barbados to Canada travel buddy program

There simply aren’t enough homes for all the unwanted dogs and cats in Barbados. We are a small island and only a small percentage of the population are able to care for these animals. The ones who can, already have several and due to the current economy, many of those homes have been affected and animals are suffering and being surrendered at an alarming rate.

We’ve been fortunate to have partnered with a Canadian animal charity called Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue (EOPR). EOPR find loving homes for our dogs in Canada. This is done via our Travel Buddy Program. Anyone travelling from Barbados to Canada can help us by becoming a Travel Buddy. Dogs can travel either as hand luggage or in the hold, or both. There is no cost to the traveller, the dogs are attached to the Air Canada ticket. Ocean Acres and EOPR do all the administration.

Once the dogs arrive in Canada they are immediately taken to approved foster homes where they have time to settle down. They are thoroughly vet checked and their adoption process to endorsed homes begins. This works very successfully and we have many happy pictures of our Bajan ‘Potcakes’ in their woolly jumpers enjoying life as a Canadian!

We began this initiative in November 2020 (delayed due to Covid restrictions) and we have already shipped several dogs. At Ocean Acres we provide shelter for over 100 rescue dogs and are always full to capacity. Every dog we fly to Canada frees up kennel space to help another abused or abandoned dog in Barbados.

Who can be a travel buddy?

Anyone travelling from Barbados to Canada on an Air Canada flight!

How much does it cost me?

NOTHING! – ZERO! Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue (EOPR) raises all the funds to ship the dog. It really costs you absolutely nothing – the dog/dogs are added to your ticket FREE OF CHARGE!

How does it work?

  • We need your name, address in Canada and your booking confirmation reference.
  • Then an Ocean Acres representative arranges to meet you at the airport for check-in with the dog(s) on your departure day.
  • Once checked in you go airside with your hand luggage (which includes the carry on with the small dog/puppy, less than 20lbs). The Ocean Acres Rep stays at check-in with the dog(s) in crates until they are boarded on the plane.
  • On arrival, if you have dog(s) in crates, you collect them from the usual luggage place and exit the arrivals hall, where an EOPR representative will be waiting to take the dog(s) from you.

That’s it! It’s a simple process and it helps so much. It’s fast and efficient both ways (the meet and drop). We provide all the carriers and paperwork.

You don’t need to worry about the logistics; we’ll do everything for you. You only need to turn up at the airport and drop-off the other end.

How many dogs can I take?

You can take a small dog/puppy (less than 20lbs) in the cabin, others in a crate in the hold. The number of crates allowed is determined by the airline and EOPR will organise that. The maximum is 3 crates and each crate can hold two small dogs or one larger one.

I’d like to help, how much notice do you need?

It’s nice to have a few days notice, the more the better so we can plan, but we can do last minute as well. If you are flying tomorrow, if that is a working day, then we can get it organised.

How do I sign-up?

Contact Ocean Acres today:
Tel./Whatsapp +1 (246) 262-4505

We plan to partner with an extensive network of international animal groups who’ll agree to this same concept (for both dogs and cats). If you are an overseas animal group or charity and can help us, we’d love to hear from you.