• Age (approx)
  • 9 months, 3 weeks
  • Adult size
  • Small (guessed)
  • Sex
  • Female
  • Breed
  • Mixed
  • Good With Children
  • Yes
  • Good With Dogs
  • Yes
  • Good With Cats
  • Untested
  • Neutered
  • No
More About Elfie

Elfie was plucked off the street right before Christmas and brought to the sanctuary. She had a quick check at the vet and was given a clean bill of health. A bath and flea treatment later, Elfie is now ready for adoption. She is a sweet little soul who simply wants to be loved. She has joined our crowd of “littles” that live in our isolation and enjoy being spoiled with treats and love.

Elfie is on the skinny side and is currently enjoying the task of being fattened up. She has had no complaints about what food she will eat, has had no issues with any dog she has been with and shows no food aggression. We figure she is around 7 months but like most of our dogs, we are simply guessing her age and history. She is not only adorable but ridiculously soft and snuggly as well. She is learning how to play and will soon begin basic training.