• Age (approx)
  • 9 Months, 3 Weeks
  • Adult Size
  • Very Small (guessed)
  • Sex
  • Female
  • Breed
  • Mixed
  • Good With Children
  • Yes
  • Good With Dogs
  • Yes
  • Good With Cats
  • Untested
  • Neutered
  • No
More About Diya

These are just babies, Miya and Diya, when reported, there were three but when we went to rescue only two were found. We only needed to call for them and they came out from the bush, they were super tame and sweet and friendly.  Another case of being owned and dumped.

They are great with the other dogs at their fosterers,  loving little ones, and have some quirks already, one turns on the remote and stairs at the tv, the other likes staring at herself in the mirror.  hopefully they will get adopted together after such a bad start in life.  They are training in the yard, puppies can’t go out for walks until they are fully vaccinated.

Our fantastic fosterer has raised almost the total for the little pups vet bill!  Fantastic people we have on board for our cause.