• Age (approx)
  • 9 Years
  • Size
  • Medium
  • Sex
  • Male
  • Breed
  • Mixed
  • Good With Children
  • Yes
  • Good With Dogs
  • Yes
  • Good With Cats
  • Untested
  • Neutered
  • Yes
More About Ruffles

Ruffles has witnessed many dogs come and go in the years he has lived at the shelter.  He’s an older guy, his eyesight is very poor – he needs eyedrops each day.


Yet Ruffles still has hope. He runs about and plays with other dogs and showers those around him with his sparkling personality. He loves to play with you, especially if you turn on the hose – he may be blind, but he still tries to eat the water! He is not totally blind and is able to make out where he is going for the most part. His eye drops that he gets helps to keep his eyes clear and see a little better.


He’s a healthy boy for his age – eye problems aside – and still has lots of life left in him. Believe it or not, this boy loves his walks!  He enjoys being around the young dogs and plays just as hard as they do.


He’d make a great dog for pretty much anyone. Don’t let his age and vision problems trick you.