• Date Adopted: October 18, 2021
More About Olsen

Olsen joined us after her mum and siblings were spotted in horrible condition. They were skinny, full of fleas and ticks with bellies full of worms. Thankfully, they were rescued and brought to safety. They were all treated for everything that was invading their little bodies and quickly put on weight and grew. With proper nutrition, they quickly grew into the healthy, happy puppies we have today.

Olsen is one of the smallest of the litter but she’s got enough attitude to make up for her lack of size. She was shy at first but quickly came to settle in and come out of her furry little shell. She is the biggest fan of play time and loves people and the attention they bring.  She is a sweet dog who is fun to be around.

There is no evidence of her horrible past and her future is bright.


Another Ruffugee, off to Canada!  Happy life Olsen