Mui Mui

  • Age (approx)
  • 4 Years
  • Sex
  • Female
  • Good With Children
  • Yes
  • Good With Dogs
  • Can be Introduced
  • Good With Other Cats
  • Yes
  • Neutered
  • Yes
More About Mui Mui

Mui Mui arrived at Ocean Acres with her three babies in tow. She was a superb momma and stayed by their side until they were teenagers and ready to be spayed/neutered themselves and she really was happy. Now she is out and about and enjoying the grounds. She loves food and lazing around, probably why she is a little rounder than most but just more to love! She is getting her exercise and is prone to the zoomies from time to time. She would make a lovely house cat who would just laze around getting cuddles all day!