• Date Adopted: October 8, 2021
More About Meg

Meg was found at the side of the road, very thin, her hip bones sticking up, obviously malnourished and uncared for. She is  incredibly friendly, an absolute sweetheart. She has something  wrong with one of her back legs so she will need to see a vet. For now she is safe and well fed and will be loved and cared for.
We know Meg needs an operation, it should be successful and she will be able to walk and fully weight bear on that leg.  Without this, she will be disabled her whole life.  The surgery will cost approximately BBD$1000. Will you help Meg?   She is the sweetest girl. If we all pitch in together we can give her the chance know one else was able to offer.
Meg is back home and her surgery went well. Now we just have to get her to take it easy! Thank you foster mom Fiona taking such good care and Central Vet Bim for the good work you do. And of course, thank you to everyone that donated!
Our Meg left Barbados behind and now lives in Canada.  Another happy, healthy Ruffugee.