• Age (approx)
  • 1 month, 3 weeks
  • Adult size
  • Medium (guessed)
  • Sex
  • Female
  • Breed
  • Mixed
  • Good With Children
  • Yes
  • Good With Dogs
  • Yes
  • Good With Cats
  • Untested
  • Neutered
  • No
More About Florentine

Florentine, her mum and brothers were found living in deplorable conditions. Mum (Cookie) arrived extremely emaciated and her babies were full of worms.

Florentine is now safe. She has a clean, dry place to sleep and grow. She and her family will never have to wonder about their next meal again. She is a playful pup who is enjoying discovering her new surroundings. When she is done playing with her brothers, she enjoys curling up with her mum. Despite their rough start to life, Florentine has shown no signs of illness or food aggression.

As she is so young, Florentine has not yet been spayed. Her new family will have to ensure this is done as soon as she is old enough.