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Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary, Barbados

Located in Newcastle, St. John on the East Coast of Barbados, Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary is a no-kill rescue shelter, we're a non-profit organisation helping sick, injured, abandoned and homeless cats and dogs in Barbados.

In December 2019, the former charity, The Hope Sanctuary, could no longer operate and closed. We stepped in to take over the care of its existing 45 dogs and 69 cats.

Karen Whittaker is the Founder and President of Ocean Acres. Karen, originally from the UK, has been living in Barbados since 2003. An avid animal lover and enthusiast, she’s 100% dedicated to the care and welfare of animals in need.

These animals have so much to give, and ask for so little. Running a proactive adoption program, we believe in giving them the best chance of a happy, loving home. We work tirelessly to rehabilitate animals from traumatised backgrounds, and to heal the wounded. Our care and support is ongoing for the animals and for the people who welcome them into their lives. We educate and assist so that the special bond between humans and animals can be enjoyed to the fullest.

These animals have the power to change lives. With your support, we can be there for them. Whether you want to fundraise, volunteer, foster or donate, your support will make a difference.

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